't hof Bellewaerde




The campsite is located on private property. The following regulations are intended solely for smooth and proper cooperation.

Everyone entering the campsite is expected to know and comply with these regulations. These regulations are available in the reception.



See website for applicable check-in and check-out times.

Please sign in first at the reception to register.  Pay on arrival.

Check-in between 12 am and 1 pm is not possible, please respect our lunch break.

Different times on request and after consultation.  Early check-in before 12 am or late check-out after 12 am, flat rate of 5€.



Opening hours of reception and campsite shop :

                See website for current opening hours.

                Between 10.30 am and 12 am, we are working on the campsite and can be reached by phone.



During your stay, you may place a camping vehicle on the agreed pitch for recreational purposes.  You must park your car on your pitch or in the car park and not on a neighbouring pitch or access road.  No cars are allowed on the tent meadow, which can be parked on the car park.  Maximum 4 tents form a cluster, the minimum distance between each cluster must be 4m, measured on the ground.

Only tent carpet may be used under canopies, (front) tents,... No plastic foil, root canvas, etc. So everyone can enjoy beautiful grass throughout the season.

Visitors during the day are welcome, but should also first report to reception and pay their contribution.  Visitors' cars belong in the car park and not on the pitches.  Bicycles and motorbikes can be parked in the covered area.



Noise pollution in the broadest sense of the word should be avoided at all times.  Please note that after 11 pm it should be quiet on the campsite.  Parties are not allowed anyway.  Aggression and disrespect will not be tolerated.

Please also respect the privacy of our neighbours.



Many bicycles, go-carts, etc. are available for children under the shelter.

They can play to their heart's content.  We do ask them to stay ON THE COURTYARD so as not to disturb other campers and to keep it safe. Go-carts are not bumper cars!

At 10 pm at the latest, it is clean-up and bedtime for our toys, so everyone can enjoy a restful evening. 



  • PETS

Pets are allowed, provided they do not cause a nuisance and are kept on a leash.  Please keep the campsite DROLL FREE, owners take care of cleaning. 

They are not allowed in the farm buildings.



For the welfare of our animals, we ask not to feed them.  Our pony has been seriously ill, namely laminitis, which is caused by too much or wrong feeding.  Hence, he is now in a meagre pasture. He gets enough food from his owners.  Feel free to ask the person in charge for more information about this.



You are on a protected archaeological site, which must be treated with respect in order to preserve it at all times. 

To protect the site as well as yourself, it is important that the guidelines are strictly followed:

    • Metal detection is prohibited
    • No digging is allowed
    • Bbq is allowed, at least 40 cm above the ground, no campfires!
    • Ground pins may not be inserted more than 40 cm into the ground
    • Please enter the forest only through the gate to the footpath



The sanitary building is not a covered play area!  The sanitary facilities are cleaned at least once a day.  Clean sanitary facilities start with yourself.  If everyone does their part and keeps it tidy, it is pleasant for everyone.  Think of the danger of clogging, so not everything should be flushed down the toilet.  Grease and leftover food also belong in the bin and not in the sink. 

Only dispose of the chemical toilet in the designated outdoor drain and certainly not in the waste water drain! Anyone caught doing so will have to pay the cost of repairs to our water treatment plant. Rinsing and filling the chemical toilet is also done outside and not inside the sanitary facilities.

Also remember our ecological water story.  Water is precious and should not be wasted, so please use it sparingly.

Due to the risk of fire, bicycle batteries may not be charged in the sanitary building.



We try to take care of the environment as much as possible.  We therefore attach importance to sorting waste.  Please dispose of the right waste in the right container.  Please do not leave your own broken (electrical) items and large household waste with us! We are not a public waste park!  We have the following containers:

    • residual waste (please throw it into the container in buttoned-up bags)
    • pmd (plastic, cans, drink cartons)
    • paper and cardboard
    • glass
    • coal bin (residual waste as well as bbq and brazier)



We offer free wifi almost over the hole site.  However, our system is not suitable for heavy data traffic. 

The wifi code: t hof Bellewaerde, password: Bellewaardestraat2

And remember no wifi is not the end of the world, talking to each other is not a crime.



Electric cars may NOT be charged at the location itself, ask at the reception about the possibilities.



It is forbidden to park vehicles on the access and internal roads, that way they will not be an obstacle in case of emergency.  Hopefully we will never need one, but a fire extinguisher station is provided under the shelter next to the washroom.  This is not a toy.  In case of fire (danger), inform us immediately and, if necessary, the fire brigade. 

In case of minor physical accidents you can come to us for first aid.  In serious cases, do not hesitate to call the emergency number 112.

In the event of evacuation, the assembly point is in the car park at the entrance gate.

For your own safety, we ask you not to enter the non-accessible farm buildings and to respect the owners' private property.

There is a small pond and a pool on the property, please be careful with children and animals.  We are not liable for personal injury and/or damage to persons and/or third-party property present on the premises, incurred for whatever reason.  Parents are responsible for their children and any damage they cause, the same applies to owners and their dogs.  Costs of damage or destruction will be charged.



A general smoking ban applies in all buildings.



There is camera surveillance on the premises, complying with applicable laws.

From time to time, we do take photographs for our own promotional use.  If you do not wish to be photographed, please let us know and we will certainly respect your privacy.  We also do not keep any personal data.



All those staying on the campsite must comply with these regulations.

Violation of the above rules may, upon notice, result in immediate expulsion from the campsite.