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About ’t hof Bellewaerde

A little history ...

The name Bellewaerde has its origins in the manor of Beaurewaard, which has been mentioned in all kinds of sources since the early 14th century. An essential part of this seigniory Beaurewaard was the old castle farm of the same name, which was once a fortified farm, with a wall around the entire complex of buildings.

't hof Bellewaerde as we know it today is a reconstruction farm as the old farm was heavily damaged during the heavy fighting and mine war and was demolished.

The site is located within a protected archaeological site, namely the “First World War battlefield of Bellewaarde Ridge”.

Between 24 May 1915 (the end of the Second Battle of Ypres) and 31 July 1917 (the beginning of the Third Battle of Ypres), Bellewaarde Ridge was systematically developed into a war zone, which was defended by the Germans and constantly attacked by the Allies. In the resulting soil archive, much information rests on the construction, evolution and expansion of the positions and the organisation of attack and defence.

Where the terrain allowed, undermining was an important weapon in warfare. Several craters, the scars of these undermining operations are prominent in Bellewaarde. They must be seen in combination with the front lines and the no man's land in between. The added value also lies in the preservation of such a concentration of craters in combination with well-preserved underground traces of the scaffolding on both sides.



The Palingbeek is a nature reserve and West Flemish Provincial Domain in Zillebeke, a borough of the city of Ypres.

It covers more than 230 ha and is located a few kilometres south of the village centre, on the border with Voormezele and Hollebeke.

The domain lies around the old Ypres-Komen canal. The Palingbeek is European protected as part of the Natura 2000 area 'West Flanders Heuvelland'.

Ponds and marshes, old and young woods, orchards and flowery grasslands, lawns or a playground alternate. Extensive signposted footpaths take you to the most beautiful spots.



You can visit numerous museums in the region:

  • In Flanders Fields Museum
  • Yper Museum
  • Merghelynck Museum
  • Hooge Crater Museum
  • Hill 62 Sanctuary Wood
  • Memorial Museum Passchendaele 1917
  • Museum aan de IJzer, Diksmuide
  • ...


  • There are many marked walking and cycling routes from the campsite, to name a few:

    • the Peace Route

    • GR 128 Flanders Route
    • Ypres Salient East
  • The provincial domains Gasthuisbossen &
    de Palingbeek

  • The city of Ypres with the Menin Gate is 4 km away

  • Breweries and wine estates

  • The Bellewaerde amusement park is within walking distance of the campsite

  • The Ice Mountain Adventure Park (indoor ski)
    in Komen

  • ...